Energy Audit

Schedule one of our professionally certified energy auditors for an overview of how smart energy usage can be incorporated into the way your business runs. Our energy auditors are globally certified through the Association of Energy Engineers accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for their demonstrated knowledge and expertise in energy management.

Select an audit that’s best for you:

  • Free Energy Audit: Our Certified Energy Auditors will provide you with the tools to understand your business’s energy usage, equipment, and processes. Whether a restaurant, retail, or manufacturer, we are here to provide you with solutions to reduce your energy costs. In addition, we’ll explain the many rebates and incentive programs available from Tampa Electric and recommend those that can deliver long-term benefits. The on-site analysis takes about two hours. Larger facilities may require additional time.

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Paid Energy Audit: Our paid energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation that includes sub-metering and monitoring* of specific energy-consuming equipment at your facility. As part of our tailored assessment, we will suggest ways to improve operations, identify opportunities for energy related improvements, identify relevant system issues, and monitor system performance. You’ll receive a prioritized strategic plan that includes specific recommendations on steps you can take to maximize efficiencies, reduce waste, and save money. A typical paid audit starts at $75.00, however, the fee is site specific and a quote is prepared by the certified Energy Analyst prior to installation of the monitoring equipment.

Read what some of our business customers are saying about our free energy audit:


“Very meticulous, informative, helpful.”
Darrell, Tampa

“Professional survey of my facility. Helpful and knowledgeable representative.”
Omar, Tampa

“Christopher did a great job explaining our specific situation and if he was that great with our place, I’m positive he is that way with everyone.”

“Easy to schedule, knowledgeable auditor.”
Sharon, Tampa

“Rep was very knowledgeable and provided valuable information.”
Holly, Tampa

"The reason that I think the audit is so important is because it presents new technology that will better help us to control our energy costs.”
Gary, Winter Haven

"The audit was short, professional, and concise. It quickly showed us how we could get rebates on projects we were already planning and some we were not.”
Bill, Tampa

"The Analyst took time to listen to my plans and concerns and was able to build around that plus give great advise and suggestions.”
Alexander, Tampa

"The audit was an easy process, the analyst was friendly, knowledgeable, and excellent experience.”
Paula, Tampa