Connecting Your Solar

A customer-owned and -installed generation system, such as a photovoltaic solar panel array, lets you power your home or business with clean, renewable energy generated from the sun. After you complete a certified installation, Tampa Electric will interconnect your system to the grid and install a bi-directional net meter to measure any excess kilowatt-hours of electricity produced by your system. Any excess electricity generated by your system will be delivered to Tampa Electric's grid, and in return, you will receive a credit based on your current retail energy rate.

Learn more by downloading the Florida Public Service Commission's Rule 25-6.065. Tampa Electric also provides interconnection and net metering to wind-powered, biomass, or other renewable generating systems as defined by Florida Statutes 366.91(2) and 366.92(2).

How will net metering affect my electric bill?

If your home or business has a net meter, your monthly billing statement will include a Total Used column displaying your kWh Delivered (the kilowatt-hours of electricity delivered to you from Tampa Electric's grid) and any kWh Received (the kilowatt-hours of electricity Tampa Electric received from your solar array). Download this sample bill to see how this will appear and to learn more.

To help you identify the various readings that appear on your net meter, select the appropriate meter display guide below:

Attention Energy Planner customers – Net metering does not support the Energy Planner program. If you have a net meter installed, you will be required to switch to Tampa Electric's standard residential rate.